Return to Preschool

Settling in to Preschool

Being two year old is an exciting time. However, for some children, starting at preschool can also be a very daunting time, causing them to become shy, upset and on occasions angry.  Therefore the settling in process for the children is very important and we will work with you to ensure that the transition from home to the preschool runs as smoothly as we can make it for your child.

Home Visits

We arrange for the key person to come and meet your child in their ‘own’ environment where they feel safe and secure. This is a very informal meeting and gives you and your child the opportunity to begin to bond with the key person and to start to develop a relationship.

Play Sessions

The next stage of the process is a ‘play session’ when your child will come to the setting with you. This enables you both to spend time playing, getting to know the environment both inside and outside, and continue to build that important bond with their key person. This initial session lasts for 1 hour.

The next play session will be for the child to stay on their own with their key person.  We ask the parents to spend approximately 10 minutes in the room to settle the child before leaving them to explore the rooms with their key person.  This session also lasts for about 1 hour but we will monitor how your child is coping without you being there and you may need to return to the child earlier. If all goes well in the second play session we will start the children in their full sessions, if children are attending full days we will do further, longer sessions before commencing the full day.

All children are different, some may settle very quickly while for others it can take a longer time. On occasions we will ask the parents to bring the children more frequently for shorter sessions to help them with the settling process.

We are flexible, and will work with the parents to ensure that the transition from home to preschool  runs as smoothly as is possible.

Communication between the key person and the parents is a key factor in helping to settle your child in the nursery. It is important that as parents you pass on as much information as possible to your child’s key person and it is equally as important that the key persons listens to the parents.  If the parents feel comfortable and relaxed in the setting this in turn will help the children feel the same.