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Getting Involved

Parents are the most important people in their children’s lives and always will be, so we need your to ensure that your child progresses and achieves success in reaching their potential. When children come to Nursery, we build on the foundations that you have laid and work in partnership with you to continue and develop this.

Become a volunteer

Once your child is really settled at nursery and preschool, we hope parents will be able to stay and help. Parents, grandparents and other carers are always welcome at Birchwood. You can help in many different ways – talking with the children, joining in activities, sharing books, helping them on the computer, woodwork, baking, playing games, accompanying us on visits, or helping with “jobs” around the Nursery – whatever suits you is great for us!
The partnership between the family and the staff is crucial to children’s happiness and development.

Sign up for a workshop

We have regular workshops throughout the year focusing on general and specific areas of learning e.g. phonics, math’s, transiting to school and Christmas crafts.

Please see the newsletter and posters at Birchwood for further information or speak to a member of staff is you have any ideas about the focus of a future workshop

Share a book regularly

At Birchwood all children are encouraged to take home a book to share with their family. Please find time to read regularly with your child. At this young age reading means looking at and talking about the pictures, demonstrating how to hold and use the book correctly,

Fun Fridays and Drop in Sessions

The Nursery holds sessions every Friday for the first 30 minutes of the morning and afternoon sessions for parents to stay and learn more about how their child learns.

The Preschool has regular drop in sessions throughout the term focusing on an area of learning e.g. reading or messy play.

Stay and chat to your child’s key person, find out what your child likes to play with and discover how your child uses the resources available to extend their learning.

Take part in our I Can Challenge

We regular have a challenge for parents and children to complete at home. This supports and extends children’s learning and is a fun way for children to complete “homework”.

Look at the notice boards outside the rooms to see what the current challenge is.

Fill out a moments from home sheet

Share your child’s interests at home and what you have been doing with them by completing the sheet and adding a photograph. Staff can then share this and continue to develop their learning at Birchwood.