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Vision & Values

Mission Statement

A secure and happy child today promotes a fulfilled, independent adult of tomorrow

Vision Statement

At Birchwood we will work together to create an inclusive environment where all are welcome and valued. We strive to create an environment which is challenging, stimulating, creative and enjoyable. Everyone is encouraged to achieve their potential and to become independent and lifelong learners.

Our Values

  • Lifelong learning – We will support children, parents and staff to become active participants in their learning process so they become highly motivated lifelong learners
  • Nurturing  – Everyone will feel safe and secure and will experience a caring and nurturing environment.
  • Inclusive – We will promote tolerance and empathy, embrace diversity and value everyone’s talents, skills and contributions
  • Every Child Matters – Children will be at the heart of everything we do
  • Excellence – We will be reflective and evaluative with a shared commitment to constantly improve what we do.
  • Creativity – We will think creatively and establish an exciting, fun environment where expertise is shared, new ideas are welcomed and innovative practice is celebrated.